Midlands State University: Modes of Study at MSU

Modes of Study at MSU

Conventional and full-fee paying programmes

Full time undergraduate applicants are enrolled at the university either as conventional
(government supported students) whose classes run during the morning and afternoon
or full-fee paying (privately supported students) whose classes run from late
in the afternoon into the evening. Applicants are normally admitted on the basis
of their Advanced level passes. The period of study for this category of students
is normally four to five years.

Visiting School (Block Release Model)

The Visiting School mode of study enrolls life-long learners who are already in
employment or business, who wish to upgrade their skills and competencies to degree
level. Normally, these are holders of, at least, a GCE Ordinary level certificate
(or its equivalent) plus a relevant certificate or diploma qualification.

Visiting School students attend classes for a week per month during the semester.
They complete their studies in three years because they are exempted from the
Work Related Learning year.