SARUA Events

Dialogue, exchange and networking are the primary ways in which SARUA “seeks to build an organised regional higher education community that can share knowledge, facilities, and experiences as well as develop collaborative programmes and areas of regional common interests.” Through these activities, SARUA aims to establish a platform to address a range of issues facing the Higher Education (HE) leadership in the region. This platform will in turn contribute to the formulation of a Southern African agenda for HE development based on a common vision.

Vice Chancellor Dialogue Exchange Events – The Vice Chancellor Dialogue events are aimed at the top level leadership of the HE sector in the region. These events provide the opportunity for VC’s to engage with each other on matters of mutual interest and in this way encourage the development and strengthening of new and existing relationships that stretch beyond the limits of the physical and geographic boundaries that separate universities in the region.

Executive Focus Events – Senior Executive Events are aimed at specific groups of senior and executive management of higher education institutions, and is intended to comprise a dialogue and engagement series on key topical issues in higher education. The primary aim of these events is to contribute to developing communities of practice across the region around specific issues with potential form galvanising community members.

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