Université de Fianarantsoa

WITH A population of at least 150 000, Fianarantsoa is the chief commercial centre of a fertile agricultural region in the highlands of south central Madagascar. Fianarantsoa means ‘good education’ in Malagasy, and the university of that name, originally built in 1971 and gaining full autonomy in 1988, has two faculties: science (including engineering and technology) and law (including business and management). The small academic and research staff of 72 is divided at a ratio of 3:2 in favour of science, while postgraduate activity is weighted 4:1 in the opposite direction.

About a two-hour drive from the city and University of Fianarantsoa lies the Ranomafana National Park, Madagascar’s fourth to be established, that was inaugurated in 1991 with the express purpose of protecting several rare species of nocturnal bamboo-eating lemurs. Faculty and students from the university have participated in research and training activities at the Ranomafana Park (RNP) since 1986; while in 1997 the university, in collaboration with other agencies, established the on-campus Institute of Environmental Techniques and Sciences, the first formal higher education centre dedicated to the environmental sciences in Madagascar.

Facts and Figures  at a Glance1

Universite’ de Fianarantsoa is primarily a contact institution, with 4,139 students enrolled on contact learning courses and only 65 enrolled on distance learning courses. The University reports that it has 3,994 full-time students and 210 part-time students. In 2007, Malagasy students constituted of 4,138 of the student body, with 66 students coming from countries within the SADC Region, and no students from the international community.

Table 1: Université de Fianarantsoa - Summary of Enrolment Numbers (Actual data, 2007)


Number of students enrolled per level of study

Major Field of Study

Total Number of Students (Headcount)

Under- graduate degree/ diploma Post-graduate degree/ diploma Masters Degree Doctoral Degree
Science, Engineering & Technology 908 834 60 14 0
Business, Management & Law 2,439 2,072 367 0 0
Humanities and Social Sciences 495 415 80 0 0
Health Sciences 0 0 0 0 0
Other (ENS) 226 139 67 20 0
Other (CUFP) 136 136 0 0 0
TOTALS 4,204 3,596 574 34 0

Source: Université de Fianarantsoa questionnaire response

Table 2: Université d’Antananarivo: Academic and Research staff (Actual data, 2007)

Major Field Of Study

Total Number (headcount)

Science, Engineering & Technology 37
Business, Management & Law 24
Humanities and Social Sciences 1
Health Sciences 0
Other (ENS) 9
Other (CUFP) 1

Source: Université de Fianarantsoa questionnaire response


[1]   All data presented in this section is headcount data.