University of Technology Mauritius

THE GOVERNMENT of Mauritius approved the establishment of this university in January 2000. Three specialist schools were planned: the School of Business Informatics and Software Engineering; the School of Public Sector Policy and Management; and the School of Sustainable Development Science. The university became operational in September

The Mauritius University of Technology is determined to become one of the leading tertiary education institutions in the region, and on both sides of the Indian Ocean. At the moment there are 42 academic and research staff, 40 percent of them female, who in 2006/07 produced 35 research publications in internationally and locally accredited journals – but expansion is on the way. The mooted new campus at Moka on the island’s central plateau will provide better facilities and enable the university to increase its numbers of staff and students, as well as the number of programmes offered by the various schools.

Some specific objectives that are being pursued at the university will render the education and training services on offer more versatile and accessible. The first is to develop an admissions policy that will allow students with differing entry qualifications access. The second is to design programmes that can be entered and exited at different levels. The third is to offer part-time and distance learning options as well as full-time study.

In addition, the university seeks to promote the concepts of entrepreneurship and lifelong learning in all students, while helping them to take maximum benefit from a physical environment that is designed to be conducive to their development.

On the financial side, the institution runs for the most part on student fees, with only 10 percent coming from the state. In an attempt to increase revenue, the Mauritius University of Technology has designed a strategic plan to seek out additional sources of income.

Facts and Figures  at a Glance1

The University of Technology, Mauritius had a student enrolment 1,500 students in 2007, all of whom were part-time students. All students were contact students, with the majority (1,485) being Mauritian nationals, while 15 were from countries outside the SADC Region.

Table 1: University of Technology, Mauritius - Summary of Enrolment Numbers (Actual data, 2007)


Number of students enrolled per level of study

Major Field of Study

Total Number of Students (Headcount)

Under- graduate degree/ diploma Post-graduate degree/ diploma Masters Degree Doctoral Degree Other qualifications (short courses, certificates etc.)
Science, Engineering & Technology 286 224 0 53 9 0
Business, Management & Law 1,068 811 0 226 16  15
TOTALS 1,354 1,035 0 279 25 15

Source: University of Technology, Mauritius questionnaire response

Table 2: University of Technology, Mauritius: Academic and Research staff (Actual data, 2005-6)

Major Field Of Study

Total Number (headcount)

Science, Engineering & Technology 21
Business, Management & Law 21

Source: University of Technology, Mauritius questionnaire response


[1] All data presented in this section is headcount data.