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Chapter 5: Analysing University-Firm Interaction in the SADC Countries

Glenda Kruss and Il-haam Petersen

We need to understand the conditions of possibility for the new roles of the developmental university in Sub-Saharan Africa. This report aims to contribute to such a massive task in a very limited, highly focused and extremely modest manner. It focuses on one new role identified for the university as knowledge producer – that is, to enhance linkages and interaction with knowledge users, specifically firms. We focus on understanding the nature of existing university-firm interaction in the SADC universities at a single point in time, 2008.

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Executive Summary (1.1 MB)
Introduction (91 KB)

Part 1: An overview of universities in the SADC countries (139 KB)
Part 2: University collaboration and interaction in 13 SADC countries (86 KB)
Part 3: Identifying patterns of interaction (81 KB)
Part 4: Constraints and opportunities for interaction (49 KB)
Part 5: The case of South Africa (77 KB)
Part 6: Promoting university-firm interaction in the SADC universities (70 KB)

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