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Midlands State University: Location and History

Geographical Location

The Midlands State University (MSU) is situated ten kilometers to the south east
of the Midlands Provincial capital of Gweru. The City of Gweru is 275 kilometres
from Zimbabwe’s capital City, Harare and 164 kilometres from Bulawayo, which
is the second largest City. Gweru is Zimbabwe’s third largest city. It is
located at the centre of the country and is the main road and railway central
junction networking all major national cities as well as linking the country to
all its neighbours.

The University is currently housed at the former Gweru Teachers College, the Batanai
Complex in Senga Township, the Tel One Training Centre near Mambo Press and part
of the Senga Institute of Manpower Planning and Development. Shortly after establishment,
the University acquired 164 hectares of land for expansion purposes. This piece
of land (hereinafter referred to as the extension site) lies adjacent to the former
teachers college. Construction at this extension site commenced in year 2004,
starting with the Administration Block.

Brief History

MSU was established as Zimbabwe’s fourth state university and enrolled its
first intake of students in March 2000. At the time of establishment, the University
carved its niche area of excellence in gaps that existed in Commerce. The Faculty
of Commerce, which has seven undergraduate and four postgraduate programmes is
the flagship of MSU.