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SARUA’s Governance, Leadership and Management (GLM) Programme

SARUA’s GLM programme provides a three-pronged set of initiatives, focussed at different audiences and different levels of specificity. The top, or outer, layer of the programme is the SARUA Vice Chancellor Leadership Exchange Event series. These events provide a strategic forum for engagement at a high level within the region, and have as their explicit aim the development of a regional perspective on higher education. Understandings developed in these events feed back into activities at the other two levels.

The next ring of the programme comprises an Executive Programme of Strategic Focus Events. This programme is aimed at specific groups of senior leadership in higher education, and comprises a dialogue and engagement series on key topical issues in higher education. The primary aim of this programme is to create communities of practice across the region.

The innermost core of the model is a Certificate Course in Higher Education Management which was offered in 2010 in partnership with the School of Public and Development Management at the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa. This programme focused on building core competencies in managing higher education institutions and addressing the unique challenges such institutions face in the Southern African context.  This layer of work is under review in 2011.

The programme is represented as follows: