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Southern African Higher Education Executive Programme for Research - For Deputy Vice Chancellors of Research

Cape Town International Conference Centre, Cape Town, South Africa - 11th April 2010

SARUA regards the Dialogue, Exchange and Networking Events as a major platform through which we seek to build an organised regional higher education community that can share knowledge, facilities and experiences and, ultimately, develop collaborative programmes of regional interest.  These events recognise that thinking and conversing together, is a necessary condition for acting together and building collaboration across the region.  The executive programme is linked to the INORMS international conference hosted by SARIMA (Southern African Research and Innovation Management Association). The event will thus allow SARUA members to engage firstly, as a constituency with each other and with the outcomes of the research findings from SARUA studies, and secondly, with the broader SARIMA workshops and offerings of the conference. 

SARUA research has revealed the urgent need to improve the research capacity of the region, and to ensure research relevance for the region.  Through hosting an event specifically for Research Executive Managers (or the equivalent) of higher education institutions in the region, SARUA aims to contribute towards developing a community of practice in research management across the region, and thereby to enhance the development of research capacity.  

Participants at the workshop will be provided with an overview of the research profile of the region, together with results of the recently completed mapping of the regional science system comprising of its policies and strategies; organisations; societies, associations and academies; and scientific publications. These inputs will provide the basis for discussing the scale and scope of the challenges and opportunities for increasing knowledge production and improving research management from a regional higher education perspective. Participants will get an opportunity to network, which will contribute towards developing a regional higher education community, and it is hoped that they may, through this, be able to identify opportunities for institutional collaboration. Participants will also, through participation in the SARIMA conference, be provided with an opportunity to engage in workshops designed to promote the development of research management skills at various levels, and to attend and participate in an international conference on the topic of managing research for impact.

Event Programme

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