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Swaziland, also known as the Kingdom of Swaziland, is a landlocked country bordered by South Africa and Mozambique. It has a population of approximately 1.067 million people. The majority of the population speak siSwati as their first language. Swaziland’s gross domestic product (GDP) in 2010 was estimated to be $3 311 per capita, and the annual GDP growth rate was estimated at 2.0 per cent. Agriculture accounts for approximately 8.3 per cent of the GDP and manufacturing 28.29 per cent (US Department of State 2011). Surrounded almost entirely by South Africa, Swaziland’s economy is heavily influenced by its dominant neighbour. The majority of the population depends on subsistence agriculture. Due to its small size, the country relies on export industries, composed of large firms with predominantly foreign ownership. Some of the main export commodities are sugar, wood pulp, citrus and canned fruit (US Department of State 2011). There is a very high prevalence of HIV, with Swaziland ranked highest in the world in terms of HIV infections (US Department of State 2011).

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