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WITS: Introduction

Its outstanding academic reputation and sustained stance against social injustice has earned it the respect of the international community and has attracted international students and researchers. This century we will continue redressing historical injustices, thereby providing new and fulfilling opportunities for black students and attracting and retaining the best black staff in the sector.

We will build increasingly close relationships with the private sector, and the public sector professions in seeking sponsorship of research projects, research students, joint appointments of staff, and joint programmes of research that contribute to economic and academic development.

We will have a selective approach to research development, concentrating on areas of actual and potential international excellence, as well as new collaborations with top universities in Europe and the US. Our student-centred learning will be sensitive to the needs, views and lives of students.

We will strive for transformation in the context of an unswerving commitment to academic standards. We will continue to produce outstanding graduates armed with the confidence to serve this continent at the highest level, and to contribute to the international context, in which South Africa is taking its place as a leading democracy.


Spread over more than 400 hectares, Wits University is an urban, comprehensive university which has a distinctive capacity to contribute to the reconstruction and development of South Africa through research and the production of skilled, critical and adaptable graduates. Wits University, based in Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa, comprises seven major ‘clusters’ spread over Braamfontein and Parktown: East & West Campus, Sturrock Park, the Education Campus, the Management Campus, the Medical School Campus and the Donald Gordon Medical Centre.


The University has 20 residences which accommodate 22% of the student population. Seven residences are on the main campus while the rest are off campus. International House, which caters largely for international students, opened in 2003.