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The Southern African Regional Universities Association (SARUA)

The Southern African Regional Universities Association (SARUA) is a membership-based association of Vice-Chancellors of public and private universities in the Southern African Development Community (SADC).

SARUA enables collaborative networks and partnerships that develop the institutional and human capacity of the region’s universities in order to make a distinctive contribution to regional development and integration.


Vision & Mission

SARUA’s vision is to be a dynamic catalyst and responsive hub for higher education revitalisation and innovation in the SADC. 

SARUA’s mission is to build and sustain a vibrant higher education community that makes a distinctive contribution to regional socio-economic development and integration through collaborative networks and partnerships. SARUA contributes to capacity development in higher education in the SADC through a strategic focus leadership and management development, teaching and learning development, quality management and technology-enabled innovation in higher education.


Three Strategic Priority Streams (2017-2021)

In 2017, the SARUA Executive Committee (Exco) and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) continued with the implementation of a three-pronged strategy for 2017-2020, agreed to at the 2016 Triennial General Meeting.



To be a responsive connecting hub for universities’ multiple stakeholder interests as dynamic catalyst for regional higher education initiatives

To maintain a clear focus on capacity development programs directly relevant to the needs of SADC universities along the themes of LEADERSHIP, QUALITY and TECHNOLOGY-ENABLED INNOVATION

To implement an operating model for internal sustainability, which  demonstrates value for money and contributes new revenue opportunities for members