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Friday, March 6, 2020

Over the past two years, SARUA has repositioned itself to become a vibrant regional higher education association that promotes regional impact through networking, collaboration and partnership. SARUA has identified four interrelated Strategic Focus Areas (SFAs) which will work together to enhance the capacity of higher education institutions in the SADC to engage with the significant developmental challenges that our region faces. These focus areas converge around the theme of building the capacity of a responsive and capable SADC higher education community.

Realising that networking and partnership should extend to continental and global levels, SARUA has begun to establish mutually beneficial relationships with continental and global networks, so that higher education institutions in the SADC region may participate in an authentic and informed manner in the wider debates that impact upon our region, and may benefit optimally from the advantages of international collaboration.
The SARUA 2020 programme that I present to you in this brochure provides our higher education network with a range of carefully planned opportunities for institutional and individual development. In presenting this programme to you, I realize that this is only the start of a process in which our regional institutions will collaborate to build and sustain a vibrant regional higher education network that makes a difference to our region’s economic, social and cultural life.

During this initial phase of establishing the Strategic Focus Areas, SARUA will draw on a small number of experts with extensive experience to provide the necessary capacity within each focus area. This is a short-term strategy to position and capacitate SARUA. The medium- term goal is to build a broader network of experts from the SADC who will collaborate within each SFA. SARUA will study best practices in regional higher education consortia to determine how best to strengthen planning and implementation capacity within each focus area, and how to bring the management of SARUA close to its diverse membership.

I invite you to join SARUA in this important journey so that the SADC’s higher education institutions may join forces around a compelling agenda for the revitalization of our region.

Martin Oosthuizen
Executive Director