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SARUA Handbook 2009 - A Guide to the Public Universities of Southern Africa

The SARUA Handbook 2009 is the first attempt ever made to present in one publication information regarding all state-funded public universities in Southern Africa. The basic intentions driving this endeavour are: to provide sets of basic university data; and to show how the region’s dominant historical trends of the past 50 years have influenced the development of national higher education efforts.

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SARUA Handbook 2009 (2.6 MB)


Download Sections of the Handbook

Introduction (241 KB)

Angola (128 KB)
Botswana (112 KB)
Democratic Republic of Congo (199 KB)
Lesotho (133 KB)
Madagascar (208 KB)
Malawi (81KB)
Mauritius (198 KB)
Mozambique (100 KB)
Namibia (93KB)
South Africa (704 KB)
Swaziland (162 KB)
Tanzania (362 KB)
Zambia (178 KB)
Zimbabwe (223 KB)