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Towards a Common Future. Higher Education in the SADC Region. Research Findings from Four SARUA Studies.

Executive Editor: Piyushi Kotecha

This publication contains, for the first time, significant information about the profile and state of higher education in Southern Africa and provides pointers to areas that require support for its future development. We present this to interested readers in Southern Africa and beyond in the hope that it will contribute to the strengthening of the higher education sector in SADC countries and foster their closer alignment with national and regional development goals and priorities.

This body of work represents a first, baseline attempt by our association, SARUA, to enable our members and government leaders to take forward a series of vital conversations.


Chapter 1



Revitalising Higher Education in the SADC Region



Chapter 2

A Profile of Higher Education in the Region


Chapter 3

Higher Education Funding Frameworks in SADC




Chapter 4

The State of Public Science in the SADC Region





Chapter 5

Analysing University-Firm Interaction in the SADC Countries