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SARUA Annual Reports

Annual Report 2017

Date of Publication: 

The Southern African Regional Universities Association(SARUA) is a membership-based association of Vice-Chancellors of public and private universities in the Southern African Development Community (SADC). SARUA enables collaborative partnerships that develop the institutional and human capacity of the region’s universities and contributes to regional collaboration for the public good within higher education.

Annual Report 2016

Date of Publication: 
SARUA developed a new three-year strategy for 2017-2020, focused on Capacity Development for LEADERSHIP and QUALITY, adopted by its Executive Committee and members at a Triennial General Meeting (TGM) in September 2016. A new Executive Committee was elected for the three-year period.

Annual Report 2015

Date of Publication: 
SARUA was requested to facilitate training on innovative management approaches in higher education teaching and learning, while others called for universities with well-established policies around online teaching to share their expertise.

Annual Report 2014

Date of Publication: 
The 2014 financial year marked the first year of activities exclusively under a membership funded model. This year focused primarily on developing a reliable data base on reputable and registered public and private universities, the ministries and the accreditation bodies that govern Higher Education in the SADC countries for quality purposes in a context of unreliable data.

Annual Report 2013

Date of Publication: 
From a blank slate, SARUA can claim to have achieved a proud and outstanding record of its outputs which comprise a sound regional higher education knowledge base, leadership dialogues, programmes, networks, publications and advocacy policy documents.

Annual Report 2012

Date of Publication: 

Founded in 2005, SARUA is a membership-based organisation which is open to all the public universities of the 15 countries that make up the Southern African Development Community (SADC). SARUA currently has 57 members.

SARUA was established to assist in the revitalisation and development of the leadership and institutions of higher education in the southern African region, thus enabling the regional higher education sector to meaningfully respond to the developmental challenges facing the region.

Annual Report 2011

Date of Publication: 

SARUA entered its fifth year of operation in 2011 as a strong organisation with a global and continental profile and with partnerships and opportunities on the rise. It was another busy and productive year, with increasing engagement and a growing membership.

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Annual Report 2010

Date of Publication: 

SARUA is a young organisation at the cutting edge of higher education developments in the Southern African region. With its exciting programme in 2010 SARUA continued to build its profile amongst member universities in the region, and to develop its voice as a representative association for universities in Southern Africa.

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Annual Report 2008

Date of Publication: 

Whilst SARUA’s focus in its first year of operations was on establishing the organization in terms of its staff, its operating systems, and its relationships with its members and key regional players, the second year has been very much about building its knowledge base of Higher Education in the region.


Annual Report 2009

Date of Publication: 

2009 marked a significant milestone for SARUA, being the third and final year of the initial three year core funding granted to Association by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

SARUA has certainly come a long way in that time and, as we are now in the fortunate position of having secured core funding at the end of 2009 for a further three years 2010 – 2012, it is perhaps appropriate that we pause and reflect on some of the achievements of the first three years 2007 – 2009.