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Membership categories & benefits

To pursue the regional higher education agenda and to continue to attract funding for regional capacity development programmes, SARUA’s secretariat function is supported primarily by membership subscriptions. Although SARUA has motivated to SADC Ministers for government support in 2017, such a decision has not yet been forthcoming. For 2018, SARUA will therefore again rely on membership contributions to underwrite its operational costs. SARUA in 2018 will operate with a small, but sufficiently capacitated internal team. Research, mapping studies, coordination and programme delivery will be based on the proven SARUA model of partnership with universities and other delivery organisations, based on funded requests.

SARUA membership fees have not increased since 2013 and uses a fair and equitable fee formula based on student numbers and country GDP, as agreed by members at the SARUA TGM.

Membership category Description Benefits of Membership
SARUA Member Universities SARUA member universities in good standing.
  • Share in regular information updates, partnership opportunities, funding proposals and capacity development programmes.
  • Eligible to become SARUA programme implementation partners on contracted basis.
  • Eligible for nominations to SARUA working groups.
  • High priority, discounted access to SARUA events: 50% of SARUA event costs (1 year membership) 25% of SARUA event costs (3 year membership)
Observer Members External higher education bodies (e.g. Tertiary Education Councils, international universities, think tanks, HE agencies).
  • Share in SARUA information and updates.
  • Priority invitations to SARUA events at 75% event cost.
Non-member Universities Non-SARUA member universities in SADC region.
  • Share in general HE updates.
  • Invitations to SARUA events on full cost-recovery basis, if space is available.

By subscribing to SARUA membership, your university is ensured of first-hand information and access to regional higher education initiatives and engagements.